Mr Freshwater


Luring for Wild Trout Vol 1

Luring for Wild Trout

DVD Vol. 1
Australia’s most proven and accomplished ‘complete’ freshwater sports fisherman Wayne Dubois (AKA Mr Freshwater) has done it again. In this action packed instalment of the Mr Freshwater series, Wayne shares his immense knowledge of spinning for wild trout.

Some of the topics covered in this DVD are; how to read creeks and rivers, lure size and colour selection and lure retrieval techniques. Just like in his first DVD “Murray Cod on Fly” Wayne shares his knowledge whilst he is actually fishing, to both prove what he is saying and also to make the DVD much more exciting and entertaining to watch.

Like the previous DVD, spinning for wild trout also contains many Australian firsts, including footage of a monster wild brown trout attempting to eat a smaller brown trout that Wayne is fighting. All this takes place at Wayne’s feet in 6 inches of crystal clear water. This amazing footage and heaps more must be seen to be believed.

As you will see throughout this DVD, Trout fishing takes you to some pretty amazing places. Match this with hard fighting, acrobatic fish and you will see why this form of fishing is so addictive.

By the time you are finished watching this jam packed DVD, Mr Freshwater will have you hooked on the sport for life. You will also have all the knowledge you need to go out and lure up loads of wild trout yourself.
Murray Cod On Fly DVD

Murray Cod On Fly

DVD Vol. 1
After much anticipation it’s finally here, the world first entire DVD devoted to the increasingly popular art of fly fishing for Murray cod. To make it even better this entire DVD even the underwater footage has been captured in Full HD quality for the best possible viewer experience.

Join one of Australia’s most proven and accomplished freshwater sports anglers Wayne Dubois (‘Mr Freshwater’) as he shares his knowledge of catching Murray cod on fly in this action and information packed DVD.

Wayne will talk you threw rod and reel set up, fly choice and how to fish both sub surface fly’s and surface fly’s as well. All of this is taught right in the thick of the action, which not only proves the techniques work but also makes the DVD much more enjoyable to watch.

Some of the strikes captured on this DVD are from Murray cod up to and over the magic metre mark….. they have to be seen to be believed.
Watch as Wayne lands the first metre + Murray cod on a sub surface fly (never been filmed in Full HD until now) and the biggest Murray cod ever caught on a surface fly.

Wayne’s other half Sharon also gets in on the action to show that fly fishing for Murray cod is not just for the blokes.

By the time you’ve finished watching this DVD you will have all the knowledge, techniques and strategies you need to go out and target Murray cod on fly. But most importantly you’ll be able to do it with confidence.

This DVD is a ground breaker in many ways, it has many world firsts and it is sure to keep you entertained.
You’ll be sure to watch Murray Cod on Fly again and again.